Pet and House Portraits by Maura Kelley

Commissioned Portraits

Pet and House Portraits by Maura Kelley



What is a house portrait?

A house portrait is a painting of a person’s home  usually so they can they can remember it. Maybe they’re moving away  and what to cherish the memory of the former home. Maybe they’re moving in and their realtor gave them as a house portrait as a present.

Many restaurants, theaters, and places of business also get portraits done that they display in their lobbies.  Or another possibility-- a restaurant or place of business has an exciting view overlooking a canal. Why not get a painting of that beautiful scene and display in your place of business?

What I would require from you is a deposit which would equal 1/3 of the portrait. Then you would pay the balance along with shipping once your portrait is complete.

Turnaround time  3- 5 weeks but RUSH is a possibility especially if it’s near holiday time for a little extra charge.

I can take Paypal, check or

credit with a small $5 credit fee.